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Siri Lindley
Siri Lindley

Siri Lindley is a 2x World Champion and coach to multiple World Champions and Olympic medalists

Siri Lindley, a two-time World Champion and distinguished member of the World Triathlon Hall of Fame, is recognized as the world’s #1 female triathlon coach. Siri has guided her athletes to an impressive 11 world championships and 2 Olympic gold medals. Beyond physical excellence, Siri is an inspiring champion of mastering the mind, body, and spirit to realize one’s aspirations.

Siri’s unwavering commitment to excellence and empowerment transcends the world of athletics, earning her recognition as a Top 10 global speaker by the world’s #1 business and personal strategist, Tony Robbins. She travels the world with him, inspiring thousands and leaving a lasting imprint in the fields of personal development and motivation.

Teaming up with her accomplished, 6 time world champion wife, Rebekah Keat, Siri co-founded Sirius Squad, a globally renowned Triathlon club. During the pandemic, Siri & Bek expanded their impact by creating the Siri and Bek Squad, offering easy 15-minute workouts and virtual support to motivate individuals, especially women, seeking to kickstart their fitness journey.

Bek Keat
Bek Keat
6 x Iron Distance Champion and 2 x Junior World Champion

Rebekah Keat is globally recognized as one of the foremost endurance coaches. During her 25 year athletic career, Rebekah not only broke two world records but also had 30 podium finishes in long distance events. In addition to her athletic achievements, Rebekah’s extensive background in exercise science and sports nutrition makes her the critical “go to” trainer for people looking shatter their fitness and health goals.

Rebekah’s coaching client’s span a wide spectrum of athletes, from world champions to everyday individuals, each striving to achieve their ultimate fitness goals. Following her retirement in 2016, Bek and, her wife, Siri joined forces to co-found the Siri and Bek Squad and Team Sirius Tri Club, which are centered on offering comprehensive guidance in endurance coaching, health, wellness, and fitness.

In addition to her athletic pursuits, Bek and Siri are passionate about equine welfare. Together, they’ve established two non-profit organizations: Believe Ranch and Rescue (501C3), which rescues and heals horses so they can go on to heal humans and Horses In Our Hands, which focuses on education and legislative efforts to end horse slaughter